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Based in Sandridge we have worked with many clients over the last 25 years specialising in extensions, refurbishments and new house builds.  We also specialize in Custom Made Kitchens of varying styles and produce different kinds of beautifully hand crafted furniture.

To ensure the success of the projects we work on we need an excellent team who understand our work ethics. We believe the team we work with achieve the high standards of workmanship we require. From architects and structural engineers to plumbers and electricians, the team we have in place is key to our success.

All our projects are fully insured.

We can provide full references on request.

To whom it may concern

I felt compelled to write a letter of recommendation for MTB who have just completed our extension.   

We awarded MTB the job of building our extension after we had tried two other builders on other parts of the house over the last 18 months, all of which failed for one reason or another to meet our exacting standards and in one case even left a previous project in a dangerous state.

MTB however has done a great job. They are courteous and friendly as well as hardworking and have that elusive eye for detail which appears to be lacking with many building companies.   

Their quote did not come in the cheapest but it was roughly in the middle of a range and we were understandably nervous of going with the cheapest quote. We checked out some of their previous projects and their reputation and we were suitably impressed which was what made the difference.

By the end of the project, which was far from straight forward and included finding that our foundations were not up to standard and the discovery of a World War 2 reinforced concrete bomb shelter right underneath where the extension was going, they had definitely saved us a huge amount of heartache and additional cost with their superior problem solving skills.

We ended up with the bomb shelter accessed from the extension and turned into a rather nice wine cellar.

MTB delivered over and above our expectations and the finish was excellent. They have a real passion for building and made what is a painful process as easy as they could for us by keeping the areas clean and tidy at the end of each day.  They didn’t leave the job at any point during the build and always did what they said they were going to do.

Mick in particular has a good eye and can work his way around any problem that crops up with the minimum of fuss.

I can’t recommend them highly enough and I would be more than happy to take a call (07836 633717) to answer any questions you may have regarding our experience.

Yours sincerely

Lawrence Palmer


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